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BEST BUY BONES Not-Rawhide Beef Chunks 5pc

Not-Rawhide Beef Chunks
5 pc Treat
resealable bag

Best Buy Bones NOT-RAWHIDE Beef Chunks - 5 pc Treat are great and healthy rawhide alternatives. These are only sourced from the face and head of the beef cattle and are finished with a minimal amount of processing. Once rendered, these products are cleaned and dried/baked, removing virtually all moisture to provide the product with a stable shelf life. These products are truly natural and can be enjoyed by most dogs without risk of them ingesting toxic chemicals as found in Rawhide. Rawhide is a highly processed product, often treated with bleach and other toxic chemicals. These toxic chemicals may leave a residue in the finished products, which can only be harmful to the dogs that consume them.

Made in the USA!