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BIOGROOM Super White Shampoo 12oz

Bio-Groom Super White Shampoo Concentrate-12oz

White coats sparkle without bleaching when shampooed with this extraordinary formula that has been developed for white and other light colored coats. It controls matting, tangling and flyaway hair. Fortified with Protein, it cleans thoroughly and rinses easily leaving hair shiny smooth and manageable.


  • Concentrated 8 to 1, Makes up to 108 Ounces
  • Tearless
  • Coconut Oil Based
  • Protein Enriched
  • Neutral pH
  • Non-Bleaching
  • Rinses Easily

    Coconut, Palm Kernel, and Corn Oils derived from renewable and biodegradable sources.

    Wet coat thoroughly . Apply So-Gentle Shampoo and work well through the coat. Rinse, then dry and groom as usual. Can be used as often as desired.