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BOBBI PANTER Pet Bath Bombs Bath Additives Mixed 12pc

Pet Bath Bombs Bath Additives
Mixed - Case of 12

Introducing an entirely NEW pet bathing experience. Bobbi Panter's Pet Bath Bombs helps reduce pet anxiety at bathtime and deeply moisturize with Almond oils.

Bobbi Panter Bath Bombs add lasting fragrance long after bathtime!

4 different kinds available (Calming, Deodorizing, Detoxing, and Moisturizing).

Bathtime Use:
Fill tub with 3-4" of warm water. Drop in bath bomb. Place pet in standing water. Once dissolved, use cup to pour over entire coat ending with pet's head. Use caution when pouring over head and protect eyes. Use Bobbi Panter Shampoo & bathe as normal. Rinse with bath bomb water. Drain water then rinse completely with fresh water. Towel dry.

Sold in cases of 12.

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