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COATHANDLER Detangle Spray Gallon

COAT HANDLER Anti-Static Detangler Spray-Gallon
Made in theU.S.A.

Shake Well Before Each Use!

The perfect product for eliminating static in coats and controlling matting. Helps maintain a clean, shiny coat in between bathing.


  • Antistatic
  • Safe for Dogs & Cats
  • Cruelty Free

    Environmentally Friendly


    For Dematting
    After bathing, the Coat Handler Sensational Detangler Spray can be sprayed into mats to help loosen tangles and matting. It will not harm ears, eyes, or skin. It does make comb out much easier on you and your pet.

    As a Scissoring Spray
    When coat is clean and dry, spray over coat to use as a finishing spray and to control static. May be sprayed directly onto brush or comb. Works great while using clip on attachments to electric clippers. Mist into coat for in between brushing. Adds highlights to coat, and brings out colors without adding oils that attract dirt.