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COATHANDLER Odor Handler 16oz

Coat Handler: The Odor Handler-1 pound-Powder
Made in theU.S.A.

Removes SKUNK smell, and as well removes stains, brightens colors, and deodorizes. It removes skunk-smell without using a cover-up fragrance. As well a great flea controller.Odor Handleras a carpet and upholstery cleaner it deodorizes, effectively removes stains, and brightens colors. Contains powerful ingredients that are safe for most surfaces, fabrics and colors. As a mop additive, it prevents mop souring, and eliminates mop odors. When completely dissolvedOdor Handlerhas no odor or residue of its own. It isnon-toxicandenvironmentally safe.


Mix 1 scoop to gallon of warm water. Let dissolve. Water activates the product. Do Not mix with any other products other than Coat Handler Shampoo. Begin by lathering animal in 15 to 1 Coat Handler Clarifying Shampoo. Slowly pour diluted Odor Handler over animal's coat and work through the shampoo. Rinse Well. Follow with 15 to 1 Coat Handler Shampoo and rinse with Coat Handler Conditioner.

Storage and Handling

Store tightly covered container in a cool dry place. If spilled, do not return spillage to container. DO NOT mix with ammonia or other chemicals.

Cleans & Deodorizes:

  • Mops
  • Carpet & upholstery
  • Kennels
  • Odorless
  • Removes Skunk Smell
  • Safe for cats and dogs