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CROWN ROYALE Magic Touch #1 16oz

Crown Royal Magic Touch: Formula 1 16oz

Spray Concentrate - The ultimate finishing spray for the show dog. Magic Touch gives luxurious sheen, has no heavy build-up, repels dirt, and prevents coat matting. It is formulated with conditioners, optical brighteners and silicones. Our special emulsifier allows Magic Touch to be shampooed out easily.

Formula 1is specifically balanced to enhanced fine texture coats. It will give your dog’s coat a natural-feeling silky texture along with total control.

Recommended breeds for formula #1:
Afghan Hound, Maltese, Saluki, Shih Tzu, Silky Terrier, Yorkshire Terrier


Mix 15 Parts water to 1 part Magic Touch. Apply lightly with Sprayer while brushing into coat. When using repeated grooming while dog is in show ring, Magic Touch may be diluted 7 to 1 if you wish more sheen and stain repellent.

Use Magic Touch only on clean coat.

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