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PETABIS CBD PCR Hemp Oil 1800mg Equine

CBD PCR Hemp Oil 1800mg Equine


Non-GMO, human grade, truly full spectrum, N.O.P & USDA Organic CBD PCR Hemp Oils are locally grown, organically cultivated and sustainably sourced in Colorado, using a patented water vapor extraction process, producing the purest, nutrient dense and natural CBD PCR Hemp Oils for all types of LARGE BREED ANIMALS.

Since Petabis uses the whole plant extract (seed and stalk) and does not strip antioxidants, terpenes or flavonoids, or use chemical extraction processes, their CBD Hemp Oil provides TRUE & TOTAL FULL SPECTRUM potential health and healing benefits, including:
  • Full spectrum USDA Organic High CBD Hemp Oil activated by USDA Organic MCT Coconut Oil
  • No synthetic CBD isolate oils
  • 100% all natural & organic in all processes- not just the plants
  • 100% sustainably grown, cultivated and harvested
  • Not psychoactive (does not contain THC)
  • Safe in any quantity
  • Strongly antioxidant
  • Packed with Omega 3, Omega-6, and Omega-9 fatty acids (Omega 9 helps activate Omega 3 and 6 for LARGE BREED ANIMALS
  • Terpenes enhance flavor, help potentiate the effects of CBD oil and help increase flavor acceptability (Petabis has the highest terpene counts in the world!)
  • Flavonoids are antioxidants which may help support the immune system and help limit inflammation in the body, especially related to the cardiovascular and nervous systems
  • Contains primary and secondary metabolites which may help deliver layered phytochemical nutrition as well as may help build your pet's defense system
  • May help stimulate the endocannibinoid system, especially related to the nervous system, immune system, reproductive system, lymphatic system, metabolism and neurotransmitters tasked with sending/receiving hunger, pain, mood and memory messages
  • May help calm an anxious, stressed LARGE BREED ANIMAL without fear of sedation

  • Recommended for:
    for Large Breed animals requiring symptomatic support related to anxiety, pain and inflammatory conditions; for help in addressing pain associated with acute, arthritic conditions; for Large Breed animals requiring a higher therapeutic dosage; for at At-Risk and Chronically Ill Large Breed Animals, for Large Breed animals with poorly controlled epilepsy and seizure disorder

    How to Use CBD Hemp Oil for LARGE BREED ANIMALS
    Activated CBD PCR Hemp oil can be placed under tongue, on treat or added to meals

    Weight - Usage Recommendation
    71-120 lbs: - 1/4 dropper daily
    121-170 lbs: - 1/2 dropper daily
    171-230 lbs: - 3/4 dropper daily
    231-280 lbs: - 1 dropper daily
    281-330 lbs: - 1 1/4 dropper daily
    331-380 lbs: - 1 1/2 dropper daily
    381-430 lbs: - 1 3/4 dropper daily
    431-480 lbs: - 2 droppers daily

    There are about 30 droppers full in one 1 oz bottle and about 5/8 of a mL per dropper, or 1440 drops per 1 oz bottle so that =
    1200 mg/oz-1.68 mg/drop
    1440 drops/30 droppers = 48 drops/dropper x .1.68 mg = 80.64 mg/dropper

    None known. May potentiate heart medications. Please consult your veterinarian.

    None known. May potentiate heart medications. Please consult your veterinarian.

    None known. May potentiate heart medications. Please consult your veterinarian.


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