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ESPREE Facial Cleanser Plum Perfect Refill G

Espree Scent Renewal Plum Perfect Facial Cleanser -
Refill Gallon

A pet with a grungy little face doesn’t need a full-fledged bath. We have the perfect in-between-bath solution. Our foaming cleanser gives you the control you need with the gentle effective cleaning you want. It’s tearfree and wonderfully scented too!

  • Fragrance: Plum
  • Professional Dilution Rate: Ready To Use
  • Available in: 5 oz, and gallon refill
  • 95.1% Natural
  • 80.0% Organic

    Apply and massage into wet or dry coat and rinse thoroughly
    Purified water, coconut based cleansers (plant derived), aloe vera (hydrator), panthenol (conditioner), jojoba (moisturizer), vitamins A, D, E, olive oil, glycerin (humectant), horsetail, lemongrass, rosemary extracts, fragrance