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LAUBE Nature's Choice Ear Cleaner G

Laube Nature's Choice Ear Cleaner Gal

  • Ear Cleaner
  • Removes Grease & Oil
  • Safe for Newborn or Sensitive
  • Quick Touch-Ups
  • Dr. Formulated, and Dr. Recommended

    Aloe Ear Clean is a ready to use professional strength liquid ear cleaner. Formulated to remove ear wax and grease without drying out the skin like powders. Since Aloe Ear Clean contains natural oils and extracts it is safe to use on fleas, ticks and mites. Aloe Ear Clean is great for touching up coats after a bath. Aloe Ear Clean is natural, mild, pH balanced and biodegradable. Formulated for dogs, cats, horses, puppies, kittens, ferrets, rabbits, & farm animals.

    Made With:
    aloe vera, witch hazel, and vitamin E

    For light cleaning: use a cotton ball or swab as an applicator and apply to external ear. For heavy dirt build up, apply Aloe Ear Clean to the ear allow to set for 30 seconds. Rinse as needed. Always wipe off excess with a cotton ball. Avoid eye contact.