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COASTAL 4.5 Comb F/M

Dog Grooming Comb

for Medium and Fine Coats

The Safari Dog Grooming Comb helps remove mats, tangles and loose hair. The smooth, rounded teeth prevent damage to the coat. The 4.5 inch comb is designed for medium and fine coats.
  • Your pet will enjoy painless grooming with this product's smooth rounded teeth.
  • Thoroughly gets through the undercoat without irritating your pets skin.
  • Fantastic tool that will help control shedding, remove mats, and prevent tangles.
  • To maintain a top-notch coat, comb and brush your pet frequently.
  • Always be sure to comb your pet's entire coat before bathing.
  • This 4.5 inch comb is perfect for medium/fine coats and makes an excellent finishing comb.
Length - 4.5"
Handle width - 3/16"
Teeth - 9/16" L (spaced 1/32" & 1/16" apart)