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HOMEOPET Doggy Dental 15ml

Doggy Dental

May help reduce the buildup of plaque and tartar while supporting healthy teeth, gums. Could also assist with bad breath.

  • Plaque build-up
  • Tartar
  • Bad breath

  • Benefits:
  • No harsh chemicals
  • No known side effects
  • Safe for puppies, kittens, pregnant and nursing animals
  • Great value up to 90 doses per bottle (depending on weight)
  • Easy liquid dosing medicine

  • All HomeoPet products are made from 100% natural ingredients and are safe for puppies, kittens, pregnant and nursing animals. Safe, Gentle, All Natural liquid dosing medicines for your best friend.

    Arsenicum album 12x (White Oxide of Arsenic), Berberis vulgaris 6x (Barberry), Calcarea carbonica 12x (Calcium Carbonate), Calcarea fluorata 12x (Fluoride of Lime), Calcarea phosphorica 12x (Calcium Phosphate), Calendula officinalis 6x (Pot Marigold), Cinchona officinalis 6x (Peruvian Bark), Fragaria vesca 6x (Strawberry), Hypericum perforatum 12x (St. John's Wort), Marigold (Calendula officinalis), Mezereum 12x (Spurge Olive), Plantago major 6x (Plantain), Silicea 12x (Flint), Thuja occidentalis 12x (Arbor vita).