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HUGGLE HOUNDS Rainbow Knottie Unicorn L

Rainbow Knottie
Unicorn - Large

  • Plush, tough, durable, squeaky dog toy in unique characters and colors
  • Durable toy with TUFFUT TECHNOLOGY lining for extra durability
  • Knotted limbs for puppies and large dogs
  • Multiple squeakeers in each toy to keep your pet entertained

  • Knotties are the most durable plush dog toys available, made for dogs and puppies. Made with exclusive Tuffut Technology, a durable two-layer lining on the inside, soft and cuddly on the outside. Natural tugging instincts are satisfied by the soft fabric, knots in the limbs and 5 squeakers. Knotties promote healthy exercise and mental stimulation which makes them a hit with owners, dogs, and puppies of all sizes and breeds.

    Available Sizes:
    Large 15"
    Small 9"
    Wee 4.5"

    All Hugglehounds plush toys can be machine washed over and over!