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LAUBE Flash Light Tune-Up Kit

Laube Flash Light Tune-Up Kit

  • The FLASH LAZOR fits all: Flash Lighted Lazor, and Lazor models
  • The FLASH MINI MICRO fits all: Flash Lighted Mini Micro, and Mini Micro models

    Each Kit includes:

  • (1) Black Super Lever w/new metal inserts for super strength
  • (1) Enduro Motor Bearing
  • (1) Drive Bearings (already on post)
  • (1) Nameplate
  • (1) Tube of grease
  • (1) Set of instructions

    This kit is important to replace in your clipper every 2-12 months, pending on frequency of use. Good maintenance on your clipper is important to preserve performance. It's worth the investment to protect your Laube clipper. All you need is a Flathead screwdriver and 5 minutes. Please call us for step by step instructions if you need to be walked through the replacement. ***BE SURE TO SAVE NAMEPLATE SCREWS WHEN REPLACING, OR PURCHASE NEW ONES SEPARATELY ***