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GIMBORN Redi Cat Grass Plus

GIMBORN Redi Cat Grass Plus-5.25 oz.

Redi cat grass plus satisfies a cats crave for natural greens, and Gimpet Cat Grass Plus is the perfect way to offer them to your cat. The self-contained kit includes grass seeds and growing medium in one container. Simply follow the instructions, then in about 2 weeks, you'll have fresh, healthy grass for your cat to nibble and enjoy. Contains a blend of barley, oat and wheat grass.


  • Open the lid
  • Wet the granules with 2 1/2 cups of lukewarm water evenly. Water only once.
  • Put the container in a warm, light place, but avoiding direct sunlight.
  • After three days the grass will begin to germinate.
  • Within eight days the clipping opens up and the grass can grow to it's full height.
  • When the grass has reached height of 2 to 4 inches you can serve it to your cat.