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NYLABONE Original Galileo Souper

NYLABONE Galileo Bone-Souper 8"

In our quest to create a stronger dog chew, we adopted the science of "strength of materials" discovered by Italian astronomer and physicist Galileo. Galileo was troubled that size destroyed scale; in other words you could not build a small model of a bridge, and then build the actual bridge and expect it to be relatively as sturdy as the model. To illustrate the point of his Strength of Materials theory, Galileo chose to use a bone as an example, sayin,"...I have sketched a bone whose natural length has been increased three times and whose thickness has been multiplied until, for a correspondingly large animal, it would perform the same function which the small bone performs for its small animal." Nylabone took Galileo's studies and created the Galileo Bone, a chew available in three sizes, Petite, Wolf and Souper. Each size has been expanded according to Galileo's suggestions, making the bones extremely strong. Designed for powerful chews, it is molded from extra-tough nylon and annealed for even greater strength. This makes our bones last longer than most other bones.

Sizing Chart:

  • Petite.........dogs and puppies up to 15lbs.
  • Wolf...........dogs up to 50lbs.
  • Souper.........large breeds over 50lbs.