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PPP AromaCare Spray Eucalyptus 8oz

AROMA CARE 8 oz. Eucalyptus Spray

Aroma Care Revitalizing Eucalyptus Spray is infused with natural essential oils to cool and invigorate both inside and out! It's ideal for everyday grooming and perfect for special occations! Use between baths to keep your pet "just washed" fresh. Around the home, this exotic blend can be used to create a fresh and uplifting atmosphere for you and your pets. Simply spray in and around pet areas, and enjoy!

Throughout history people have used botanical extracts and aromatics oils for soothing, healing, and conditioning. Here are the therapeutic qualities of some of the key ingredients of our spray:

  • Eucalyptus - Cooling and refreshing, skin soother, respiratory aid
  • Lemon Grass - Energizing, invigorating, a natural deodorizer.
  • Fir Needle - Uplifting and a coat freshener

    Directions:Spray liberally on your pet's dry or damp coat (do not spray in or near the eyes), then brush or rub in. For enhanced results, use AromaCare Revitalizing Eucalyptus Shampoo.

    Also available in a 13.5 oz. shampoo and a gallon