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HIGHTECH Hush Puppy Anti-Barking Collar

 High Tech Pet Hush Puppy Anti-Barking Collar

This advanced dog training collar automatically increases sonic output until your dog shuts up! This super effective anti barking collar is the only bark control collar that emits a progressively increasing high pitched tone which becomes more intense as the dog's barking persists. The Super Hush Puppy's bark stopping tone is automatically increased through four levels, resetting once barking ceases for more than thirty seconds. Our voice recognition feature eliminates false triggering.

Principles of Operation: Using a microphone to detect your dog's bark, a tone is sounded for approximately 1/2 second. At the second bark, the tone sounds for one second. After the third bark, the tone is increased to 2 seconds, then to 3 seconds after the fourth bark. The tone will continue to sound for three seconds after each bark until the dog ceases barking for thirty seconds or more. The use of our unique progressively increasing sound stimulus is more effective in stopping barking because it quickly teaches your dog a pattern which is in direct response to the animal's behavior. This technique is guaranteed to stop your dog from barking in the fastest time possible without painful shock.

Clinical Studies: Clinical tests show the Super Hush Puppy to be effective for over 90% of problem barking dogs. This is the best result achieved by any sonic bark control collar.


  • High quality nylon strap adjusts from 5" to 24"
  • Aprox Dimensions: 1.5" X 2.25" X 1.25" high
  • Weight: 2.2 oz
  • Operates on one 6 volt battery