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HIGHTECH Radio Collar for HC-8000

 High Tech Pet RC-8 Radio Collar For HC-8000 & HC-7000

  • Weighs 1.2oz
  • Ultra-Tough polyestomer strap
  • Water resistant
  • Audible tone
  • Requires on B3V-8 Replacement battery

    Our new RC-8 ULTRA-COLLARâ„¢ is simply the most advanced radio dog containment collar made. The radio box is Ultra-light weighing only 1.2 oz. and packed with features not found on any other radio collar. The RC-8 has a built-it stimulus test lamp that let's you test the shock output without having to deal with a cumbersome external test lamp. Operating condition is checked continuously by the collars internal computer chip. An auto-flashing LED tells you that the collar is fully operational. The RC-8 is water resistant and features a tone speaker that transmitts sound directly to the outside world. (Other collars transmit sound through the casing.) That means the RC-8 gives you louder training tones for faster boundary training. Add to all that a beautiful, yet nearly indestructible, poly-elastomer strap that is integral with the radio box and you've got THE state-of-the-art electronic collar at an amazing value