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VETS BEST Comfort Calm 30ct

VETS BEST Comfort Calm - 30ct

Made in the USA

Helps reduce stress & tension from travel, lous noises & big events

Banish thunderstorm freak-outs! Our soothing, calming mix gently helps ease the anxiety and tension from everyday stresses, loud noises and big events. Tryptophan is a combination of well-known natural calmatives. Plus, the ancient Greeks used Valerian Root for a variety of temporary conditions, such as sleeplessness and nervousness.

Directions for use for dogs:
Under 25lbs - 1 tablet
25 to 50lbs - 2 tablet
50 to 75lbs - 3 tablets
Over 75lbs - 4 tablets

Give one hour before any stressful event. Number of tablets can be repeated if needed just prior to event, and again every 6-8 hours as needed

Active Ingredients per chewable tablet:
5-Hydroxytryptophan - 25mg
Valerian Root - 25mg

Inactive Ingredients:
Apple powder, apple pectin, brewer's yeast, calcium carbonate, liver (defatted pork), magnesium stearate and natural flavoring

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