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WET PET BRUSH Detangling Dog Comb

Detangling Dog Comb

Make your knotty buddy a smooth character in no time with the PetBrush by WetBrush Detangling Dog Comb. Featuring WetBrush's signature WaveTooth bristles that glide through coats with nary a snag, this detangling comb will make quick work of grooming with minimal effort. It has an ergonomic anti-slip handle to give a good grip even in wet conditions and a pull-resistant design that reduces pain and coat damage. Get yourself the tool that makes every grooming session an easy comb, easy go situation!

  • Wide-tooth comb loosens tangles with less pain and effort.
  • Special WaveTooth bristles spread fur evenly during combing to avoid clumping and pulling.
  • Perfect for coats of all textures and lengths. Works on dogs and cats, too!
  • Ergonomic handle has an anti-slip grip.
  • Use on wet or dry fur for pain-free, quick and easy detangling.