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WET PET BRUSH Porcupine Shine Brush

Porcupine Shine Brush

Tame fuzzy fur and long locks alike with the do-it-all PetBrush by WetBrush Smooth & Shine Detangler Dog Brush. This brush combines WetBrush's signature IntelliFlex detangling bristles with natural boar bristles for a groomer that loosens mats, removes dirt, distributes natural oil and gets rid of excess hair with every stroke. It works perfectly on long coats, short coats, curly hair, wiry fur and everything in between. Try it for a true brush with greatness you and your pet will surely enjoy!

  • Uses two kinds of bristles to make quick work of brushing.
  • IntelliFlex bristles loosen tangles without pain or pulling.
  • Natural boar bristles remove hair and dirt and distribute natural oils for great shine.
  • Glides through even very matted fur.
  • Great for cats and dogs with coats of all types.