Fall Favorites – While Supplies Last!

Give your fur baby an adorable plush playmate that they will absolutely fall in love with! Hetty is super soft with an adorable plaid scarf, and she even squeaks when smooshed! Also, since Hetty the Hedgehog is so soft, she will also make an excellent cuddle buddy for those long autumn naps.

Give thanks for a bountiful year of play with the Zippy Burrow Cornucopia! Your festive fur baby will love digging into the cornucopia to harvest the squeaky apple, corn and pumpkin inside! Once your playful pup has them all, they’ll be begging you to put them back in again and again for hours of fun! It’s the perfect interactive toy for keeping your dog busy and engaged through hide-and-seek play that prevents boredom and promotes mental stimulation!

Prices Good Through 12-31-20

Twistedz – Natural Combo Chews!

The Twistedz Holiday Cane is a delicious beefhide that is wrapped with either real chicken or beef, creating a festive chew that would be the perfect stocking stuffer.  Each package contains 4 – 6″ chews.


While Supplies Last!

Chuck-It! Fetch Toy Sale!

Some of the Chuck-it! favorites as well as the new confetti ball…on SALE!

Just the glimpse of a Chuckit! toy is enough to excite the ‘fetch fanatic dog’. The bright colours signal an adventure with major playtime to come. Chuckit! performance toys are designed to take interACTION to the next level. These dynamic products are not intended to be solo play toys. Built on innovation and ergonomic design, Chuckit! has revolutionised the classic game of fetch.

Prices Good Through 12-31-20

Great Doorbuster for Small Business Saturday!

Silkstem™ Spray Foam Shampoo contains the scientifically formulated coactiv+™ technology that works to selectively reduce biofilm accumulation, restoring the balance of skin microflora. This soothes non-complicated skin irritations, itching, redness, and dryness associated with common skin conditions.

It has an aerosol formula that’s easy to apply, even in hard-to-reach places

The foam covers large areas in seconds

It’s especially efficient for long or thick coats that are difficult to maintain

Prices Good Through 12-31-20

HAND WORX Hand Sanitizer Spray by Kim Laube®

LAUBE® is the epitome of High-Quality US manufacturing in the professional grooming industry, and when they set out to make a hand sanitizer, believe it, no corners were cut. The Hand Worx Hand Sanitizer Spray is made with 80% Alcohol, which is 30% more than what is recommended by the CDC, and now in an easy spray-on application. No more gooey, drippy droopy drops to worry about!

The CDC recommends washing your hands with soap and water whenever possible because this reduces the number of germs and other nasty and often invisible things that can cause health issues. However, soap and water are not always available, and in situations like this, it is a good idea to use a hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol. Hand Worx has that and 30% more to give you and those that matter that extra peace of mind.

  The Hand Worx Sanitizer is perfect for home use and well as your place of business or work. The 12 oz size is perfect for all-around use and comes with a durable sprayer that will not disappoint when the trigger is squeezed and it also comes in a 1 Gallon size for easy refills.

Prices Good Through 11-23-20

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