New Mini PureBites Trainers!

Mini-PureBites Trainers offer pet parents the chance to train their dogs or treat their small dogs with specially cut pieces of quality freeze-dried meat. Dogs love the taste of PureBites because their treats are freeze-dried RAW to lock in the aroma, texture, and freshness they crave.

Prices Good Through 4-30-21


Choose confidence, security and peace of mind.



Unexpected situations happen. Be ready with a PepperBall personal security solution.

Made in the USA, the patented PepperBall is a hard plastic frangible (breakable) sphere and is designed to burst immediately upon impact. PepperBall projectiles are more accurate, more consistent, and disperse a larger cloud than competitive offerings.

PepperBall doesn’t just say it’s the best, they have the facts and scientific data to prove it. The PepperBall team of engineers, scientists, and craftsmen have spent decades developing the precision powder formulas and outer shells, and their extensive quality control and safety program include full traceability of every single ingredient that they use in the manufacturing process. And, PepperBall® projectiles are devices are trusted and used by more than 10,000 law enforcement agencies worldwide to protect life while saving life.



Playstrong Scent-Sation

Ethical Spot Scent-Sation Dog Toys are a great way to add some fun and massage your dogs gums and teeth. Entice them with the new peanut butter flavor and fun shape!   Made of super durable TPR. 

Prices Good Through 4-19-21

Vet Quality Flea & Tick Products

Vetality Avantect II contains imidacloprid, permethrin and pyriproxyfen – the active ingredients found in K9 Advantix II® for dogs*. Vetality Avantect II is vet quality protection but costs less than the national brand. These broad spectrum topicals not only KILL but REPEL fleas, flea eggs, ticks & mosquitoes. Avantect II also kills ALL stages of fleas, repels biting flies and kills lice. Available in four convenient weight breaks and a four-month supply for continued protection. 

Now available in a 6 month supply for cats too!

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