Bluestem Oral Care

Plaque and tartar form in your pet’s mouth because of bacteria. Certain bacteria have the ability to produce biofilm – a glue-like substance that functions as a protective dome, under which bacteria can rapidly multiply. When plaque biofilm is not removed from the teeth every 12-36 hours it will begin to bind with minerals in the saliva and calcify into tartar. Excess tartar can work its way up into the gum line causing gingivitis and periodontal disease. Bad breath is usually the first telltale sign that a pet has underlying oral health issues.

Bluestem’s coactiv+™ technology is a safe and effective approach to affecting plaque and tartar by softening and breaking down the biofilm structure without any harsh chemicals or antimicrobials. They’ve invested in clinical trials that show the bluestem™ water additive is effective in reducing tartar, without any brushing, and is safe for daily use at well over the recommended dose.

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Bio-Groom is a leader in pet shampoo. Perhaps you have a white dog? Or a black dog? Or a dog with sensitive skin?  With over 20 types of shampoo, they offer products that perfectly compliment your furry friend! 

Simply said, when it comes to shampoo, Bio-Groom offers solutions to your pet’s specific needs.

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Skinneeez For Dogs & Cats

Skinneeez stuffing free toys satisfy dogs and cats natural hunting instinct. With no stuffing to rip out, they offer long lasting play. The realistic animal design provides a flip flopping action pets love. Dog toys squeak for endless amount of fun!

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Fieldcrest Farms Cow Ears

100% all natural chew, Low in fat high in protein and supports strong teeth and gums, Made from grass-fed free range beef.

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